Friday, February 27, 2004

Here I am again. Its lunch break now and as usual the junta are engrossed in doing the most important work for Indian IT professionals - Checking email and Chatting with Pals !!! I despise this...Yes, I am a culprit too sometimes..Like now posting my entry instead of working !! All this is the initial excitement of creating a blog sure that this enthu will die down, which is so typical of me.

Newayz, since these are my first few entries lemme update myself and others on what i am upto these days !

I am currently in the garden city of India, Bangalore. Its an amazing city. The last time I was here, was in 1996-97. That was during shridhara's wedding or was it sridevi's (both cousins) wedding. All i remember is that i was here for somebody's wedding. Well, 7years is a long time. Since then, Bangalore has changed a lot. It has expanded, and its people have gladly accepted the transitions. Bangalore as all know, is the silicon valley of India. It houses some of the best global fortune 500 companies and employs the highest number of IT professionals in India or probably even Asia. Ya, Ya we are eating up the 'firangi' jobs like a glutton. But we love it. Imagine poor India (its still poor, but the poverty line keeps upgrading every election year) pre independence when Britishers closed down our Textile Mills so that they could sell their finished garments in India. Now it seems the tables have turned. Slowly and steadily India will be the back and front office of the world because of its innumerable inherent advantages. I wont go into details, but only time will tell ! :)

I am a kannadiga and I am glad to be back. Although i was born in a place called Chitradurga, around 200 kms north from Bangalore, I have stayed all my life in Bombay. We speak kannada at home and I am so thankful to my parents for teaching me this wonderful language. But theres a catch !! I dont know to read and write...can only speak !! So, for the past two weeks I am trying my best to grasp the script.

I had some obsession about learning chinese. Attended a few classes and learnt a few words. So if I consider it, I know 6 languages... Hindi, English, Kannada, Marathi, a bit of chinese and a bit of french.

Enuf for this session



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