Sunday, July 16, 2006

Safe and Unsound

Accidents, mishaps, struggles, failures....are rude incidents and welcome once in a while. .

Success, happiness, awards,..are good, but at times they can be heady. They make you feel you are in the right path. You start speeding, in pursuit of more, but then fate weaves its magic and from nowhere a speedbreaker bumps in!

If you dont respect it, it promptly slaps a fine! Sometimes the fine can be small, and on unlucky occasions, a price that would be too much to pay!

Well, I am in a philosophical mood today. Last week, I met with a minor accident. Minor because, I did manage to avoid a major one.

I dont want to describe it.....I just know that to cause my next one, fate would have to try real hard, cause I have already learnt my lesson! :)


Saturday, July 08, 2006


We always have role models, idols....

Some new folks are added to the list..some remain, and some are dropped...

This week, Roger Federer and Justine Henin Hardine are top of my list.....

Dont ask why, the whole world knows why.................

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Flight of the Navigator

Ashish last month did a huge favor for me. I had asked him to download the movie, 'Flight of the Navigator '.

I remember watching this movie in the late eighties. It was a true fantasy movie (not that kinda fantasy!:)). A young boy falls into a pit, while searching for his kid brother in the woods, and finds himself 20 years ahead in time. Finds that his family is old, his kid bro is no kid anymore, but he is still the same 12 year old....Enter a spaceship from space, navigating across different constellations and galaxies, looking for a navigator for each trip. This time it was the 12 year old boy.

Wow, for an 8 year old kid ( I think thats how old i was when i saw this movie), this was really cool. I remember watching this on a saturday night on Doordarshan. Poor Darshan as i call it, used to screen English movies on weekends.

The memories of that movie lingered till last month. I couldnt ever catch a re run of it. Somehow it was never a favorite of many private movie channels and not with Poor Darshan too. Cause i wrote to all these channels asking to air the movie again. Atleast once. No luck!!

I used to visit every Planet M and Crossword Store and put in a request for procuring the movie. They replied with a smile, always, 'Sir we will call you!!'. The call never came.

Finally thanks to the internet revolution, piracy and fast download speeds, Ashish downloaded this movie from one of the torrent sites.

Last month, I calmed my nerves. I finally put an end to my search. I saw the movie, once, twice and am gonna watch it again now. Frankly, I might over do it and lose the fantasy for ever.

And yes, this time, I was able to recognize Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City fame) as one the artistes in the movie.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Somethings just dont change

Yes, life goes on with myriad changes around you. Small kids no longer learn the 'twinkle twinkle' ryhmes. They gyrate to the tunes of 'Ek Baar Aajaa Aajaa....'. Science stream cutoffs in Delhi University is 80 %; for commerce it is 96 % !
The list goes on....

But some things dont the Indian Cricket Team's record overseas. It was pathetic before, and nothings different now either! Dhoni and Pathan, classified as demigods by the indian media are back to square one. Dravid, so confident about his boys before crossing over, is now wondering whether his team is anywhere close to a world cup winning squad.

Yes, a single 1-4 loss doesnt mean we should ring the alarm. But my point is a single (ok a couple probably) 4 - 1 win at home or in the sub continent was no reason for rejoicing either.

See after all we are Indians who have never been able to compete at the highest level at any sport. And we cant complain about lack of facilities or funding in the case of the pampered sport of our country. Then why do we perform badly when we go out of India? Not a difficult question to answer!

Friday, May 05, 2006

My Bickering

I hate it when people bargain for small amounts.....1 kg of Onions, Bhaiyaa, 10 Rs is too much, take 8 Rs!!!! And the same person goes to Cinemagic, or E-Sqaure, or PVR and spends 150 Rs on a movie ticket......or goes to FORUM, or Bangalore Central or Shoppers Stop and buys a 1500 Rs Shirt without battling an eyelid and of course without bargaining........Penny Wise Pound Foolish???.

Why deprive the local sabzee wala or the household maid of a few rupees....Why be so selfish? Why?

Not many would agree with my thoughts, I know.

I am too sleepy to continue further.....

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yes, its been a long time since i updated my blog. I have a bloggers block i guess !! :)

But the past few weeks (months) have been crazy. Working more than 12 hours a day daily can take its toll! Its high time i took some time off from the pressures of the daily rigmarole!

Movie Making is the best job in the world. I have this undying urge to direct one.I am sure of one thing....wont continue in my current job for ever........


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Well, my attendance record on the blog log is getting worse!! The blog headmaster (i.e my conscience) has been giving me warnings...and finally I have relented...

Well what should i write about...a lot actually has office, i am overworked and underpaid (but yes, I love my job)...nah, thats the same old story, so not worth writing...umm...India v/s Pakistan...the most mundane piece of cricket in recent lets give this a pass too...Rang De Basanti. I am dying to watch 15 Park cant write about the movies until i watch them..INDIAN IDOL.....Well whats there to write about this??

Last weekend, I happened to catch a glimpse of this TV show. This is its second season. The first one was hugely popular. Especially the last few episodes which had the indian TV audience in the same frenzy as some of the popular shows like Ramayana, Buniyaad etc did. I was amazed how reality TV can touch peoples' hearts. And how much a show like this (yes yes, modeled on the American Idol), can unravel the glorious impossibilities for the hard pressed middle class. It gives a platform to non glam folks, who are reasonably talented and who can create a mass appeal for themselves over a period of 6 weeks.

The most striking aspect of this show is that everyone has potential. To supplement this thought, during one of the commercial breaks in the show, an advertisement crops up. The advt shows that a trust is dedicated in giving free education to slum dwellers as each of them has infinite potential. How true! A Kareena Kapoor gets an easy ride into the glam world. A Mallika Sherawat(MS) gets in too, but has to package herself the way she has done so that she can get her share of the pie too! I am not a big fan of MS as I have not seen her movies, and definitely I am not a big fan of Kareena Kapoor either. But I respect MS for the way she had made her mark in the industry of god fathers. No debates on the skin show, as all actresses resort to the same because thats how the society has shaped up. Anyways, coming back to the Indian Idol show, this year is no different. Each of the final 12 are hugely talented and show immense potential. Its only a matter of good fortune for the one who wins....