Monday, March 01, 2004

Good morning, world !! Had a good and not so good weekend ...Smitten by the 'Personal Finance' Bug, I engrossed myself into robert kiyosaki's books...the famous ' Rich Dad, Poor Dad' and 'CashFlow Quadrant'. I had read these books during my first year in Management, but frankly It makes more sense once one starts earning ! Yearlier it was all 'yearning' ....Ok, so with the new found energy i decided to make my tentative financial plan...was a tuff job though...too many cash outflows....digicam, books, some jogging shoes, two regular trips to Landmark, weekend getaways....well well this doesnt leave me with many saving options....
then came my happy-g0-lucky friends..ashwin and rahul came to our place to upload the Bylakuppe pictures onto Simran's Laptop. Once done, we headed out to Marthahalli for a movie. We were told about a new Multiplex called INNOVATOR and boy, it was a major KLPD. The place looks deserted even on weekends...and we reached there at a wrong time. No movies at 3 pm ! One of us suggested we go to Koramangala...theres some mall called FORUM , good for shopping...i cud already see myself in deep debt, which is what Kiyosaki exactly tells us 'NOT TO DO' ! That mall is a devil...It is like emotions that the famous RING conjures...greed, envy, BUY and SPEND ! If u go in with a credit card, rest assured to get into the TRAP....

I think my elder brother, Ravindra will be coming to Bangalore on 17th. Looking forward to meet him.



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