Sunday, September 11, 2005

Yesterday went to Ganesh Pooja at Happy Valley Hindu Temple. Close to Wan Chai.
We were really surprised by the number of Indians who had gathered for the pooja. It immediately felt like home. I remember going to Mysore Association at Matunga in Bombay every year for the same auspicious occasion. Women clad in the brightest of sarees (with the golden jari!), over enthusiastic kids playing hide and seek, the golden lamps glowing with devotion....but the most striking thing was the zealous partcipation of all preseant in various activities, trying to compensate for being thousands of miles away from home....

We met a few folks studying in Hong Kong University pursuing a variety of courses. I was told that there are close to 25 Indian Students in HKU! Pretty cool...

After a grand arti, then came the prasad distribution. We loved distributing prasad to around hundred attendees.

Overall it was a wonderful experience. We look forward to more such events.

Parag, Atul, Mahesh and myself wish all of you a happy ganesh chaturthi. Ganpati Bappa Moriya...............


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