Sunday, March 07, 2004

Its SUPER SUNDAY today. Wow, Reminds me of the weekends at Bombay. Used to go home and watch TV, especially the EPL. Nothing of it now...just laze around and ummm...laze around....and...nothing much. But this sunday i did take the effort of going out and purchase a mobile phone. Ya, the same old Samsung R220, a similar cell that i had lost in Mumbai just before leaving for bangalore. Cost me a thousand bucks less this time. But i simply love the R220. A very simple piece, but extremely well connected. If i cud compare it with the Nokia 2200 that I had bought for my brother, the SAMSUNG piece outscores in terms of connectivity. Fucntion wise, its ok. Waise bhi, aaj kal, a mobile phone needs to have a camera...or rather a camera needs to work like a mobile phone :)

Rented a VCD (Munna Bhai MBBS). I had seen it but vishal persisted on and on...good movie with some fine bits of emotion and great humour. Arshad Warsi's acting is simply cool. Some sterling performances from the 'Carrom Freak' parsi uncle and the 'psychosomatic story narrator' are worth remembering.

Its HOLI today. Miss my parents sorely. Called home today. Hearing mom is like the most soothing and reassuring voice.

Last week, had a special People Interaction workshop at the TAJ. The trainer, George Joseph is simply amazing. Guys, I totally recommend him for any communication skills/negotiation skills/actvity management workshop u want to conduct/participate. He has his own consultancy firm named Ginosko Consultants. Later in the evening, went to CROSSWORD. Wanted to read an agatha chrstie novel for a long time. Bought ' Passenger to Frankfurt ' and also a biography on appa's favorite J.R.D.Tata !

Wat else? Well tomorrow is the time to pay our house rent, the maid, the electricity bill, water bill....phew, i hope somethings left to save.

March 16th is our big presentation. Our project is sorta 'bhagwaan bharose' ! GOD HELP US !!

Tomorrow will buy the SIM CARD from Thakur and activate my cell. Old wine in a new bottle !!!!!

Adios, Till next time...


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