Thursday, January 26, 2006

Well, my attendance record on the blog log is getting worse!! The blog headmaster (i.e my conscience) has been giving me warnings...and finally I have relented...

Well what should i write about...a lot actually has office, i am overworked and underpaid (but yes, I love my job)...nah, thats the same old story, so not worth writing...umm...India v/s Pakistan...the most mundane piece of cricket in recent lets give this a pass too...Rang De Basanti. I am dying to watch 15 Park cant write about the movies until i watch them..INDIAN IDOL.....Well whats there to write about this??

Last weekend, I happened to catch a glimpse of this TV show. This is its second season. The first one was hugely popular. Especially the last few episodes which had the indian TV audience in the same frenzy as some of the popular shows like Ramayana, Buniyaad etc did. I was amazed how reality TV can touch peoples' hearts. And how much a show like this (yes yes, modeled on the American Idol), can unravel the glorious impossibilities for the hard pressed middle class. It gives a platform to non glam folks, who are reasonably talented and who can create a mass appeal for themselves over a period of 6 weeks.

The most striking aspect of this show is that everyone has potential. To supplement this thought, during one of the commercial breaks in the show, an advertisement crops up. The advt shows that a trust is dedicated in giving free education to slum dwellers as each of them has infinite potential. How true! A Kareena Kapoor gets an easy ride into the glam world. A Mallika Sherawat(MS) gets in too, but has to package herself the way she has done so that she can get her share of the pie too! I am not a big fan of MS as I have not seen her movies, and definitely I am not a big fan of Kareena Kapoor either. But I respect MS for the way she had made her mark in the industry of god fathers. No debates on the skin show, as all actresses resort to the same because thats how the society has shaped up. Anyways, coming back to the Indian Idol show, this year is no different. Each of the final 12 are hugely talented and show immense potential. Its only a matter of good fortune for the one who wins....


Blogger Mon said...

I think 2 yrs back I used to say exactly the same "i am overworked and underpaid". But time changes...I think most of us are keeping busy with 'Work 'n' Work'; unlike 'Neal 'n' Nikki' kinda kiddo! I have absolutely no time to watch TV shows, but last night I was watching tv from 10 to 12:30am! By the way, this morning I was talking to my colleague about how talented the singers are etc...

5:02 PM  
Blogger Woodsider said...

Shows like 'American Idol' and 'Indian Idol' prove that real life can be as interesting as fiction and in some cases even more exciting.I must admit I am stunned by the fact that in the current Indian version people seem to think better of 'Ravi' as opposed to 'Karunia'. I just can't get over it.

8:32 PM  
Blogger Buccaneer said...

Woodsider, i share the same thought. Karunya is the best singing talent out of the lot. But LIFE IS NOT FAIR....:)

Newayz, I have lost track of the show now...havent had the time to watch anything on TV....working on weekends too ! :(

Whos out and whos in, in Ind Idol?

12:09 PM  
Blogger Woodsider said...

Hi Kash: Looks like you are working too hard. With me it is other way around. I am retired and am settled in New York with all the time to myself. There is a street slang here quoted in Spanish: 'Mucho Trabaho, Poko Dinero' meaning 'too much work, too little money'. 'Too much work' part seems to apply to you - but working on weekends in addition to long hours on week days might take its toll. So ease up young man. Also make sure you watch 'Indian Idol' this Monday and Tuesday, also 'American Idol' whenever it is shown in India. I would appreciate your comments on both the shows. Cheers.

2:26 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

Hey cool blog man
keep blogging

9:22 AM  
Blogger Cinderella said...

Hey,thnx for dropping by.Wudnt comment on this post coz I hate hate hate talents shows particularly after VIVA got busted.
Neway,keep blogging n keep visiting.Thnx again.

3:27 PM  
Blogger Mon said...

hey... find time to write something new! btw, thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

5:47 PM  
Blogger Amit Deshpande said...

Nice blog fella. tripped over your blog from Mon's. Try tripping over mine at

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