Friday, May 05, 2006

My Bickering

I hate it when people bargain for small amounts.....1 kg of Onions, Bhaiyaa, 10 Rs is too much, take 8 Rs!!!! And the same person goes to Cinemagic, or E-Sqaure, or PVR and spends 150 Rs on a movie ticket......or goes to FORUM, or Bangalore Central or Shoppers Stop and buys a 1500 Rs Shirt without battling an eyelid and of course without bargaining........Penny Wise Pound Foolish???.

Why deprive the local sabzee wala or the household maid of a few rupees....Why be so selfish? Why?

Not many would agree with my thoughts, I know.

I am too sleepy to continue further.....


Blogger Tanvi said...

Actually,you are right.Many,including me,wouldn't agree with your opinion.Some of us just love to use our bargaining tactics.A rupee or two is rarely an issue.What most of us look for is an oppurtunity to sharpen our skills and exhibit our sharpness when we are with our peers.Trying to bargain at a mall will,ofcourse, prove anything but stupidity.
It's not the money.It's all in the game!

6:46 PM  
Blogger Nikhil Kulkarni said...

Its not about bargainning either i guess ... Its about value for money .. with the local sabzee waala u dont see value worth Rs 10 in the sabzee which the very next vendor might give for Rs 8 - there isn't any differentiation.

However, buying a shirt etc in a Mall makes value for money 'coz u pay for the brands that u get under the same roof ... For a Multiplex, its the value of your lifestyle .. and so on

In other words - you offer a service which has value and u can charge premium; but if u dont offer a value add - be prepared to bargain.
(Even our hallowed IT Big Wigs need to learn this lesson!)

12:36 PM  

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