Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Here I am, this is me, this is where I rather be .....

I have shifted to SAP's ITPL office. Cool place....Its my first day today...Still waiting to hear from my boss about the project...
Ravi has come to bangalore. He took the cauvery express from chennai. Ironical, as cauvery express is the samjhauta express to calm down the age old disputes between TN and KAR over the sharing of water resources ! The scene is not at all good in the interiors of KAR. In chitradurga, water comes once a week in a tanker !! Chitradurga's inhabitants do not invite guests to their homes...for the lack of h2o!! Sad state...

Our presentation yesterday went off smoothly. All groups were good.

I think i need to sleep for atleast 48 hours. For the past two weeks, I havent slept fitfully. I will surely skip this week's travel plans...our entire nitie blore junta is planning a trip. I so desperately want to go...but i neeeeeed to sleeeeeeppppp !!

yawn, yawn

Good nite,


PS: have a huge backlog in terms of novels to read.....:(


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