Thursday, May 20, 2004

Drama, Drama, Drama

Editorials across the print media are paying rich tributes to Sonia and her able nominee, Manmohan Singh. The former for her unselfish act, and the latter for his skills that he would bring to the table. Manmohan Singh is a widely respected individual, an economist first and a politician later. Never have we had such an erudite as the head of state. His biodata is full of international awards, scholarships and top ranks.His role in the Narsimha Government, ushering in reforms is well documented and heralded.

Isnt this a sample of Justice being done? Right man for the right job. It feels so good! The congress members must be at an all time high. Victory Bells must be still resonating in their ears. Its now totally up to them to make or break this country, their own future and the party. Controversies set aside, they are ready for a jumpstart. But like all fairy tales come to an end, the pandora's box of scams and controversies will open sooner or later. Lets wait and watch the drama....


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