Friday, May 14, 2004

What an overnight transformation ! The party that was shouting from rooftops about India's glorius run over the past two years has been reduced to a shocked, debilitated observer of the unimaginable (as put forth by umpteen exit polls !), thanks to the final verdict by the Indian people! What a victory for Democracy !

India is truly shining now ! Voting out Narendra Modi and his non-secular antics, gives us new hope. Asking Chandrababu Naidu to rest in the safe confines of his bullet proof residence, the AP farmers have done the nation a favor. All the IT hype does not bring water to farms, or better employment opportunities to the millions of youth in our rural households. Talking to a farmer,flashing a laptop, doesnt match. Still on the naxal's hitlist, Naidu will have to save his life first and his party later !

For today's youth, the results are more than welcome. Although Govinda irritates me past words with his movies, the fact that he could beat a five time veteran like Ram Naik should send jitters to the BJP management. A rookie, traveling with the common man in suburban trains touched the hearts of the Vasai Dwellers ! Ram Naik, to everybody's amusement protested against him travelling by the local train, to which Govinda retorted ' Aam Aadmi local train se na travel kare to kisse kare ! '.

One major loss was to my utmost delight. That Tulsi Bitch , Smriti Irani was hoping to enthuse her soap-opera life with some much needed action. For us she is better off sobbing on the idiot box. Sibal thanks for asking 'the ideal bahu' to return to Film City to shoot her next 500 episodes !

Rahul Gandhi called his mother a hero ! Have to agree...Two months ago, with ceaseless rhetoric from the BJP High Honchos on his mother's origin,Congress' future looked rather dim. They did not have a clear leader, not many new faces and an aggressive India shining campaign by the ruling party to confront ! Somehow the lady pulled it off ! Lots of campaigning, great tactical alliances a.k.a TRS, RJD, SP, DMK..., rahul and priyanka's entry and finally some real blunders by the BJP (thanks to the overconfidence) helped the ailing opposition party. Today everything looks so different.

My bet is that the Congress will appreciate this opportunity more than ever before. Clinching victory from the jaws of defeat would surely make them feel indebted to the masses. By putting the right people at the right places like Manmohan Singh, Sibal, Jairam, they can take the reform process to new heights. Learning from their past mistakes would be mandatory prior to their new governance responsibilities. And me personally would prefer Rahul Gandhi to do some grassroots work before joining the bandwagon. He needs to really understand the pulse of the people who voted him to power. His 'internship' would help him for the next elections when he can stand tall and proclaim to be the ideal prime ministerial candidate. What he lacks his confidence and experience, which he can make up till his time comes....

Let the new political dispensation, then,reflect this overwhelming mandate - in favour of social and cultural pluralism, economic inclusiveness and demographic transition.
Amen !


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