Tuesday, April 27, 2004

This weekend had been to Mysore to visit Savithri chikamma's family. Met divya and ranganath chikappa. Shankaran Mavas' family was in Bangalore. He was busy with election duty !

Well, what shud i say abou Mysore.....It is one city that never has let down its visitors and has always emerged as a thriving market for exotic sandalwood & incense, the Mysore silk sarees and stone-carved sculptures.

Divya took me to the Jaganmohan's palace and the Mysore Palace. Both grand in their facade...Adorned with amazing paintings....especially the Ravi Verma ones.

The Jaganmohan Palace housing the art gallery is in itself a master piece. We are not allowed to take the snaps but one can always buy colorful post cards of all that is inside the palace and thus keep the memory intact. The rich and eye-catching facade of the palace, the durbar hall where royal meetings used to take place, the colourful paintings which acts as visual records of some royal events and the very many artifacts therein serves to provide a glimpse of the rich, royal life.

This painting of a lady with a lamp is a masterpiece. I spent nearly an hour admiring it. The Silhouette is so perfect and the glow on the lady's face is priceless !

The Mysore Palace with its beautifully coloured rooms and floors is another main attraction. The palace also has a museum with a good collection of musical instruments, children's toys, many paintings, costumes, weapons, etc., belonging to the Royal family. .