Friday, March 26, 2004

Tomorrow will exactly mark my two months, here in Bangalore. Time flies....I am craving to visit karmabhoomi :)
But somehow, it seems now i am stuck in Bangalore, and it seems for ever !!! Fortunately appa and amma will be here in the first week of april. Right now they are in Davangare, at Harish and Venkatesh's place. My grandparents are also there, so its a good reunion for amma and ajji. I am looking forward to seeing my parents. The only time i was away from them was last year during my summer internship (april 2003 - June 2003) in Delhi. I hope they will join me, permanently in Bangalore 5-6 months from now.

Discoverer, Creator, Explorer and Innovator are the four towers at ITPL. None of their denizens here innovate or create or discover ! They just explore into the huge volume of knowledge and processes created by the parent behemoths and follow them religiously. How i wish we could start something from scratch..some new technology wave that will change the world. Answering customer calls and speaking with a foreign accent seems the easiest alternative for creating a global facade and more dangerously inside oneself. The local populace assumes that with all the tall buildings and the neck-strapped patta workforce, India is an IT superpower and bangalore in particular is the silicon valley of this shining India. In this make-belive mirage, lies the ultimate degenration. Degradation of todays youth, minds, attitude is due, sooner or later !!

ITPL houses some 15 companies. Most of them are BPO companies (eupemism for sweat shop call centres!!). And all of them have these huge queues of the young and restless waiting to be interviewed. Not surprisingly an equal number (or probably more) leave these companies daily !! But the silver lining (or india shining) is that these organizations are generating wealth ! Not only are they creating jobs (maybe at the bottom of the value chain) for the educated masses, they are giving a huge fillup to the affiliated businesses. Catering, Transport, Housekeeping, Phone services...etc etc are all getting a huge demand surge...and this inturn creates entrepreneurs who invest in providing such services to these companies. The derived demand (as in 'economics parlance' ) gets a huge boost. Thatz all the more reason that BPO should be given a chance in India and not nipped in the bud itself by Senator Kerry and his henchmen...+

Enuf of the cynicism...Ruchir is off to Chennai for the weekend to meet his aunt, so is Vishal to meet someone else. Simran and myself are staying put at home. Although i am planning to meet some of my old school and college pals. Probably i will go to Davangere. Lemme see.....

India won the Samsung Cup. We could not witness the triumphant moments as we had a townhall meeting scheduled at the Leela. All the global SAP CD Managers and our head were here in Bangalore. For the first time, the townhall was organized in Blr. The managers presented their plans and some key projects were discussed too. A few of our senior members were promoted. For new joinees it was a glimpse into the world of SAP CD. And I surely liked it .....:)



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