Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I woke up today to the news of Brian Lara's amazing knock at Antigua. Against the same opposition, ten years ago, Brian Charles Lara scored 375 not out. This time he not only went past the same record, but also erased the recent record of 380 set by Australia's Mathew Hayden. Lara scored an unbelievable 400 Not Out to silence his critics once and for all ....Phew he deserves to be known as the best batsman of our times !!
For any cricket lover, this is an amazing and inspiring feat. Moments such as these make us bigger fans of this adorable game. And for an Indian Cricket fan, comparisons between Lara and Tendulkar immediately crop up ! Not an easy comparison to make .....
At times, the debacle of West Indies' batting and the dominance of England's bowling in the first three Tests was almost forgotten as Lara reminded everyone just how good he really is. To bat for more than 12 hours and for more than 200 overs in searing heat takes incredible concentration and no little fitness. And to do it after making just 100 runs in his six previous innings, and after being pilloried by the local media, is an outstanding achievement.
Lara has always been one of my more enduring idols. He seems to come back every time the media and fans put him down and out. Captaining one of the weaker teams of current times and certainly the weekest WI team ever, its not easy to gather scores like these !

Indeed I consider myself fortunate to live in the same era of tendulkar and Lara. Some exceptional feats from both have come over the past few decades...All i wish, and I am sure, Sachin wishes the same too, is the WORLD CUP...the next world cup will probably be the best chance for the current indian team and probably the last chance to some of the senior players to win the coveted title and bring solace to millions of restless Indian cricket fans.


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