Saturday, July 01, 2006

Flight of the Navigator

Ashish last month did a huge favor for me. I had asked him to download the movie, 'Flight of the Navigator '.

I remember watching this movie in the late eighties. It was a true fantasy movie (not that kinda fantasy!:)). A young boy falls into a pit, while searching for his kid brother in the woods, and finds himself 20 years ahead in time. Finds that his family is old, his kid bro is no kid anymore, but he is still the same 12 year old....Enter a spaceship from space, navigating across different constellations and galaxies, looking for a navigator for each trip. This time it was the 12 year old boy.

Wow, for an 8 year old kid ( I think thats how old i was when i saw this movie), this was really cool. I remember watching this on a saturday night on Doordarshan. Poor Darshan as i call it, used to screen English movies on weekends.

The memories of that movie lingered till last month. I couldnt ever catch a re run of it. Somehow it was never a favorite of many private movie channels and not with Poor Darshan too. Cause i wrote to all these channels asking to air the movie again. Atleast once. No luck!!

I used to visit every Planet M and Crossword Store and put in a request for procuring the movie. They replied with a smile, always, 'Sir we will call you!!'. The call never came.

Finally thanks to the internet revolution, piracy and fast download speeds, Ashish downloaded this movie from one of the torrent sites.

Last month, I calmed my nerves. I finally put an end to my search. I saw the movie, once, twice and am gonna watch it again now. Frankly, I might over do it and lose the fantasy for ever.

And yes, this time, I was able to recognize Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City fame) as one the artistes in the movie.


Blogger sangeeta said...

first of all, congrats for your movie. i never knew people did so much for a movie!

thanks for visiting my blog

i can't say which one will i update. so why dont u view my complete profile and then decide!

as for now.......i have updated humans......humans!!!
i will love to have ur comments on it:)

11:09 AM  
Blogger Pradeepanand said...

There is another movie named "The Glitterball(1977)" telecasted by doordarshan in 80's... Have seen it??

12:11 PM  

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