Friday, June 11, 2004

These days wheres our pal, Mr.Pramod Mahajan? Most of us who watch NDTV religiously found Mr.Mahajan dishing out regular sermons on India's new found shining powers ! I miss him, I must say. He had his unique style, with free gesturing hands, trying to make his point. He had a good (sometimes spiteful) sense of humour, something that was reserved in plentiful for the Congress and its Italian Born Indian Bahu (IBIB).
Mr.Mahajan has a knack for narrating anecdotes. It was well demonstrated when he visited NITIE during one of our B-School events. His one liners and friendly demeanour had the crowd in raptures.
The level of (over) confidence was well evident in his speech and more so in his body language.I guess he had gleefully assumed that his party will pass the examination in flying colors giving him another opportunity to chatter on TV for five years. He must have envisaged more such discourses at institutes of higher learning. Maybe one day, deans would call him to present students with their degrees in convocation ceremonies. Or better, if one day universities would bestow upon him an honarary pHD degree...for outstanding extempore skills !!

Pramod where art thou...


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