Monday, June 21, 2004

The EURO 2004 championship has been a treat so far. Hosted by Portugal, it has all the elements of a great finish. The group matches are almost over and only the resilient few have made it to the quarterfinal stage. The biggest upset so far is Spain. Losing 0-1 to Portugal, they are heading back. Home to one of the most expensive and competitive football leagues, Spain always underachieves on the big arean. Be it Euro or the world cup.
The most enthralling games so far have been Czech v/s Holland and the game between Crotia and France. The Czech is the first team to reach the QF beating Holland by 3 goals to 2. They played an outstanding game. 0-2 down in the first half, they came roaring back.The Czechs constantly bombarded the Dutch post and were rewarded with three outstanding goals.
The Crotia v/s France game was even better. The latter being the luckier of the two. Crotia almost won the game but France somehow managed to hold them back at 2 each.

More later, now back to work !


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