Friday, June 25, 2004

England Dissapoints Again !
What a match ! Three in the morning and we are wide awake staring at our TV screen witnessing England's exit from the championship ! Beckham suffers from a incurable virus : PSDS, Penalty Shoot Deficiency Syndrome. He has been the culprit on more than one occasion now. Me may be a bit harsh on him...but isnt the most expensive (or second expensive) player in the world supposed to deliver on such occasions? All the adulation, fame, riches did not come to this bloke overnight. The fact that he stays in a royal Beckhingam Palace makes him the king of english football..captain of a team raring to go and conquer many tournaments. But alas that doesnt happen in case of England. Neither in Football nor in Cricket. England, to my mind is a great underachiever.In any respectable team sport, it reaches the quarters or semis, but then reaches the nadir. They have the some of the best sports facilities, oozing talent, tough local leagues, great infrastructure, untiring fan support (includes hooligans) but yet fail to deliver. How many times has England won the Football World Cup ? Once. How many times has England won the Cricket World Cup? Not even once !
All this makes me wary in becoming an English Supporter. Crash and burn, always ! Some of my office colleagues know it, but their emotions take over. They vehemently suppor this choking team and swear on its success.
I am happy with the Czech team. They are the underdogs. And they are playing smashing well. Today's match is between France and Greece. Will there be another upset ? My money on France....


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