Tuesday, July 06, 2004

What a wimbledon final ! The number 1 and 2 seeds fighting it out...the last time this happened at wimbledon was in 1982 between Connors (2nd seed) and Mcnroe in which the latter won ! Sunday's final was pure class, between the nonchalant Roger federer and the restless Andy Roddick.
Federer is one amazing all round player. He can play all the shots in the book. Roddick cannot ! One shot that Federer used a lot against the number 2 seed was the Lobe, to perfection. Roddick doesnt have this shot in his armoury. Hence each time Federer rushed to the net, roddick had no option but for a passing shot which invariably went long.

Roddick came to this final with a very positive frame of mind. The way he broke Federer in the first set to take an early lead in the match was extremely well thought. Federer's only weak link is his serve and Roddick took full advantage of it in the first set. But the champion's overall game is so strong that any weakness in his serve was nullified during the course of the match.

Roddick has a big heart. He is a favorite among the British Fans with his outgoing personality, great looks and honest statements. He readily acknowledged Roger Federer as a true champion. He was graceful in his defeat.

Federer is 22 , Roddick is 21. I guess we can look forward to some amazing rivalry/tennis from these two guys.


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