Monday, December 27, 2004

Have Spent close to 400 Rupees on SWADES, the latest Ashutosh Gowarikar offer. Watched the movie thrice and bought an audio CD ! The most I have spent ever on a hindi movie !

SWADES is all that a typical bollywood masala movie isn't !! I had come to resign to the fact that I would never be able to appreciate Hindi Movies made during our generation other than a few exceptions like Lagaan, Khaki and Sarfarosh.

I could never understand the need for the out of sync songs(nowadys ITEM NUMBERS)diluting the efficacy of the scenes. But the timing and intention (lyrics) of each and every song in this Ashutosh rendition is perfect. The music is awesome. A.R.Rehman is simply the best.

More so, I have never fallen in love with an actress. I have come across die hard Mahuri Dixit fans who would watch her every film on the first day of its release. Even this used to surprise me. But I guess I have joined the bandwagaon. Not madhuri, but Gayatri Joshi. She is the epitome of grace, charisma and sheer exuberant beauty. She has been modelling for quite some time before taking the plunge. And what a debut ! She has made hearts flutter...I have locked her in my head and heart for ever and I vow to watch her in every film that she henceforth acts.

The true effect of cinema can only be savoured when it touches your heart, mind and soul, the greatest power that directors like Gowarikar have and also the greatest challenge. Its high time the likes of johars and bhansalis learn and yearn to practice this sublime art of movie making.



Blogger Kaps said...

cool blog dude.

just skimmed thru the first page. will be going thru it as and when time permits... (or our 'busy' schedule decides to get easier for us - wishful thinking)

and ya, i TOTALLY second ur opinion about swades and the lass in it... or shud i say, the 'goddess' Gayatri ?


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