Monday, October 04, 2004


India needs a dictator ! I was not convinced of this, all these years ! But now there is no respite...and there is no future for India if someone does not crack the whip ! After the recent government formation, wat signs of progress have we seen ??

Theres one middle aged sycho saffronized woman shouting at the top of her voice at every nook and corner of the country for no sound reason whatsoever. This of course was instigated by a newly formed state government which is so incapable of governance displayed by the handling of the engg/medical admissions and the recent spite against non - kannada movies !!!

Then there is the water dispute among states, the issue of foreign origin which will not die till this government lives, the parliament disobedience movement which will put the mahatma to shame, the mumbai elections drama where parted foes have joined hands after adhering to their power hungry inner voices.....All we see is drama ....Development work for basic issues of infrastructure, education etc is forgotten....

Go to Bombay....Defecating on the western express highway by scores of slum dwellers
will make you pull your hair and wonder : How are these people living like this for years? and what is the civic administration doing?

Surely, theres a huge influx in the city and the cost of living is high and blah blaj blah....but are we only going to list down the problems and never work on devising solutions....?

The government is proud of its flyovers ! 50 of them, they say have been constructed?
You know what flyovers do? They create a mirage...They help you FLY OVER all the filth, distress, glooom of modern mumbai society : it means overlooking REALITY...running away from it !

We need some one like Mahumud Gaddafi...The charismatic dictator of Libya. Unlike the common dictator perception, he developed Libya like a true messiah. He constructed briges, roads, houses, empowered women, stunted religious fanaticsm, and of course supported terrorism against the United States. His Green Book (three volumes) which is an honest effort to list down the pure attributes of visionary governance is an exemplary effort. Of course like many other dictators, he too met his doom when he over did his ideologies.

Does any one in India have the guts to overthrow this mindless bigotry of our corrupt politicians ?

Democracy in India is taken for a ride. Lets change course ! Hail .......


Blogger Nikhil said...

De"mock"racy is a curse, but it is surely entertaining.
Further dictatorship has an inherent problem - the dictator is not elected so there is no quality control on the dictator - you dont get to choose who would be our next dictator - so the person might turn out to be someone like your Libyan or someone like a miyan musharraf... s/he can either take us 50 years forward or might just undo 50 years of slow development we have had...

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