Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Trip to Mysore

Well this weekend (14th - 15th Aug), i was off to Mysore to visit Shankar Uncle's family. Met Suyog ( 9 month old Bhavani's baby), Shrikanth, Bhavani, Lavanya, Ravi (Bhavani's Hubby), Geeta Aunty and Shankaran Uncle (minus his veerapan Moustache). Aunty treated me to much needed home made delicacies.

On a sleepy sunday, we saw Sholay together. Its always fun to see this great movie. The screenplay and script of this classic was simply way ahead of its time...and even current movies cannot match up to the standards set by Sippy and Co.

In the evening went to KRS dam i.e Brindavan Gardens. We reached late and hence had to hurry our excursions inside. WE did manage to catch some last minute song-light-water shows.



Blogger Ganesh Iyer said...

been reading this blog fr some time ...
got to ur blog thru ashwin's i think ...
u shud post more often !

8:18 AM  
Blogger icewind said...

Hi there ..

I wanted to comment on your kudremukh trip .. however, the site doesnt seem to be allowing comments for that blog !!

Your trip sounded more scary than thrilling !! (the freak accidents, rain etc ..). Hope next time would be thrilling.

2:17 PM  

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