Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Highlights of the past few weeks !!

1. Bulla Bulla...Well the heart warming rendition by Rabbi...A sikh artiste who was in oblivion (atleast to me) has sprung a surprise !

2. DPS MMS ...acronyms of a shame scandal....the kids involved must not have imagined the turn of events even in their wildest dreams......

3. SWADES - something different, Shah Rukh Khan - definitely different, Box Office - Indifferent. Gayatri Joshi - She is unbelievably charming and sexy ! Look out for the scene in the movie where she confesses her love to Shah Rukh Khan ....

4. Railway Mishaps and the new improved METRO - Yes, two trains collide head on...and one underground train service is inaguarated....GOD SAVE US and SAVE US FROM LALOOO

5. UMA BHARTI - She is unbelievable...She is not a minister, she is not a politician anymore, but she is the ever green star...Always in the news for all the wrong and trivial reasons !!

6. Rahul Dravid - Hats off to the centurion in every test playing nation


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