Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Bourne Supremacy !

Yesterday Srinu, Ramneek, Rajesh and myself decided to watch the Bourne Supremacy. Robert Ludlum's nail biting spy thriller ! We decided to go to the multiplex at Marthahalli only to find that the show would be played at 10 pm. Instead we decided to catch the 9:30 pm show at Rex.

All along the way, Rajesh was trying his best to convince us about his wherabouts....that he stays at Indiranagar and not in Kodihalli ! It was amusing as all his efforts were squashed by us. The debate is still open and we plan to take it up the next time we go out together ! :)

Comin back to the movie....Its a sequel (Bourne's Identity, 2002), its a generic spy game, sometimes predictable, but superbly executed. I did not see Identity and hence cant compare the two motion pictures. But Robert Ludlum's novel has been done justice with an exhilarating screenplay.

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), amnesiac former killer for the CIA, is being hunted again by the CIA, as he is framed for a crime he did not commit. He must run to various exotic locations, starts off with Goa, then to Naples, Amsterdam, Berlin, Moscow to escape nameless bad guys before settling down in the big apple ! :)

The four of us had some funny interpretations though.In Goa, under attack, Jason and his Girl friend speeding in a Gypsy fall off the bridge, thanks to the gun shot from a menacing sharpshooter. The bullet hits the girl. Before the gypsy is recovered by the Indian Police, We find the hero in Naples, Italy !!!

Also, How come Jason manages to be cleanshaven for days amidst all his frenetic hases and escapes across continents ? :) :)

The camera work is shoddy. The choice of using hand-held cameras is disastrous. Overall the action and the car chase scene at the climax is worth the watch.

As for acting skills, U dont need one. No offence to Damon, but these kind of spy roles means a stone faced hero, always serious, looking over his shoulders and hardly talks ! He's basically sleepwalking through his role.

Waise the 4 of us had a good time and some good laughs !


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