Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Pocket Dictionary

Artificial = Not Natural !

Wow, great dictionary. Ok, so let me check whatz the meaning of 'Natural'.

Natural = Any guesses??

Natural = Not Artificial !!! Bravo

Wouldnt this dictionary be fun to make ? and totally useless for the one who wants to look up !

India's Political Scene

Prime - Minister: Not Sonia Gandhi !

Sonia Gandhi: Not Prime-Minister !

What ?? Wheres Manmohan Singh in all this ?

Whos Manmohan Singh? Err, the same guy who was sworn in as Prime Minister of India after Sonia denounced her right to rule because of her Inner Voice.

Ok, If Manmohan Singh exists, does he have a voice, let alone an inner voice ?


Blogger Kaps said...

ha ha .. that was a good one dude. Me wondering when I'll get over the lethargy and post something myself..


6:21 PM  

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