Monday, March 28, 2005

Smart and Sexy, Pune Girl crowned Miss India... reads the headlines on the front page of Times Of India today. So whats the big deal? Imagine your small kid pestering you to explain the meaning of the term 'sexy'. Mamma, I know what smart means..but what does sexy mean?. And I bet you are not going to give him/her the dictionary meaning of the word which is , "Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest" and so on depending upon which dictionary you are referring to!! You will probably tell her that the term means something attractive or beautiful and hope that she stops at that!

Well, off she goes to school and attempts using this beautiful new term that her mom just explained to her. 'Teacher your sari is sexy and you look very sexy today!' or 'Hi Amit, sexy shoes' or 'Father Perera, your beard has always been sexy' !!!

Well, kids would eventualy learn about sex,sexy and associated adjectives! But five year old kids should not read them from screaming newspaper headlines ! Yes, todays media abounds with 'hot' stuff, but please reserve them for the inner pages.


Blogger harrysoms said...

hey prakash, good to hear from you!
whats happening with you?
it's been a long time.

1:47 AM  
Blogger Poornima said...

I remember I asked daddy once, "Acha, what's sexy...?". Me... 6 years old and big brown eyes. Daddy, 30 something...6 feet tall and...horrified!

1:56 PM  

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